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  • Jason

    Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald Gaiety’ AGM Evergreen shrub of deep green leaves with a broad white margin, becoming cream flushed pink in the winter. Height 0.3 to 0.6 metres. Spread 0.3 to 0.6 metre. Sun or part shade.

  • Canadale Nurseries

    Emerald Gaiety Euonymus (1.25m in diameter) Dense growing evergreen with silver and green leaves which take on a red tinge in winter. Great contrast plant. Sun or Shade. Canadale Nurseries Ltd.

  • Heather Tilley

    Euonymus, Emerald Gaiety - Ht 3-4 ft, Spd 3-4 ft. Full to part shade, low to moderate water. Dwarf dense evergreen shrub with mounding habit. The dark green leaves have well-defined white borders. They are a slow growing shrub but useful for some color in shady areas.

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Cotoneaster ‘Rothschildianus’ AGM Heads of small white flowers in June followed by creamy yellow berries. Narrow mid green leaves, evergreen. Height large wide spreading shrub to 3 metres. Spread 3 metres. Evergreen.

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Woodland Euonymus (1.25m in diameter) A dark green evergreen with large uniform leaves. Excellent as a foundation or wall covering plant. Grows in sun or shade. Canadale Nurseries Ltd.

This, Euonymus Japonica aka Silver King, is the other thing I miss. It gets so big, though, I have to let my HOA know before I plant a new one.

Canadale Gold Euonymus (1.25m in diameter) Strong hardy evergreen with large yellow and green variegated leaves. Our own introduction! Grows well in sun or shade. Canadale Nurseries Ltd.

February - Winter creeper Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald 'n' Gold' may not set your heart racing, but it does have its uses. It is tough and undemanding and will provide sunshine yellow throughout the winter. Once established it will take dry shade in its stride, and therefore it’s perfect for creating year-round groundcover under deciduous trees and shrubs.

Cotoneaster franchetii Small white pink tinged flowers in June are followed by orange-red berries. Oval, grey-green leaves, white beneath, semi-evergreen. Height and Spread a graceful arching shrub to about 2 to 3 metres. Sun or part shade, most soil types.

Emerald 'n' Gold Euonymus (1m in diameter) Small evergreen with spreading growth habit. Leaves are grey-green with gold edges. Grows well in sun or shade. Canadale Nurseries Ltd.

'Tiny Tower' Dwarf Alberta Spruce - - "new trees & shrubs for 2013" from grows very slowly to 4-6 ft, full sun or part shade, zone 3-8

Fothergilla, a deciduous shrub, offers white flowers in spring and glorious fall color.

livin' easy rose this is my backyard shrub rose. It's an earthkind rose.

Ribes sanguinium 'Pulborough Scarlet', commonly known as the flowering current, has a pleasant astringent smell of blackcurrants. Not surprising really.