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Anne Corfitzdatter of Hardenberg (Anne Corfitzdatter Rønnow gift Hardenberg) (died 1588) was a Danish noblewoman. She served as a lady-in-waiting to the Dowager Queen Dorothea of Denmark from 1559–1572 and was the mistress to Frederick II, King of Denmark

Francois Clouet, Beatrix Pacheco. Paris 1572 She was lady-in-waiting of Queen Eleanore, wife of King François I, and daughter of the Duke of Escalona (sic. ed: actually great- granddaughter of the past duque).

Anne Shelton, Anne's aunt, was in the Tower serving her niece in May 1536 and was almost surely on the scaffold when the queen was executed.

Elizabeth Vernon, Countess of Southampton, wife of Henry Wriothesley, lady-in-waiting to Elizabeth I. Lady in Waiting-'A lady of a royal court appointed to serve or attend a Queen, Princess, or high ranking noblewoman. A Lady in Waiting was not quite a servant. Ladies in Waiting were considered 'noble companions' who, by their status and nobility, could better advise a woman of high station.

Tudor and Stuart Royals, a painting at Leeds Castle Henry VII; Henry VIII; Edward VI; Mary I; Elizabeth I; James I; Henry, Prince of Wales; Charles I; Anne of Denmark; Frederick V, King of Bohemia; Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia

Dyck, Anthony van (1599–1641) (after). Now reattributed to 'school of' , "Portrait of a Woman (possibly Dorothy Percy, Countess of Leicester or Anne Cecil, Countess of Northumberland" This work has now been re-identified as Olivia Boteler Porter; lady-in-waiting to Queen Henrietta and wife of Endymion Porter. Lamport Hal

Gerrit van Honthorst: Amalia van Solms, lady in waiting to Elizabeth, Winter Queen of Bohemia

Elizabeth Vernon (1572-1655) was the Chief Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Elizabeth I. She was Countess of Southampton and wife of Henry Wriothesley.

Lucy Russell, Countess of Bedford (née Harington) (1580–1627) was a major aristocratic patron of the arts and literature in the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras. Sidney Lee called her "the universal patroness of poets." Lady of the Bedchamber and confident of Queen Anne.

Elisabeth of France (1602-1644) Queen consort of Spain & Portugal as wife of King Philip IV of Spain / eldest daughter of King Henry IV of France & Marie de' Medici. Elisabeth was renowned for her beauty, intelligence & noble personality, which made her very popular with the Spanish people. The new queen of Spain was aware her husband had mistresses & she herself was the subject of rumors about her relations w/ poet Peralta. When a fire broke out, Peralta carried the queen to a place of…

Walburga Ehrengarde Helena, also known as Lady Paget (1839-1929) was a diarist, writer and a very good friend of Queen Victoria. She was a lady-in-waiting to the Prussian Crown Princess and then later married the British Ambassador to Copenhagen. Lady Paget died from burns after falling asleep too close to the fireplace when she was 90-years-old.

Isabella of Austria (also known as Isabella or Elisabeth of Burgundy, of Habsburg,of Denmark or of Castile) (18 July 1501 – 19 January 1526), wife of King Christian II of Denmark

A Woman from Altmark, 1570 Melchior Lorch (Danish, ca. 1527–1583) Pen and brown ink 5 1/16 x 1 1/4 in. (12.9 x 3.2 cm) Monogrammed and dated, upper right: ML 1570; inscribed: Altte Marke Harry G. Sperling Fund, 1995 (1995.299)