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Roller coaster........I hate roller coasters....because I am so afraid of heights.

My favorite fair or amusement park rides are the roller coasters :)

I love roller coasters and I want to go on any one I can

Whoa this is awesome I've never seen a roller coaster like this...I'd love to ride it :)

"Top Thrill Dragster", Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio //

Ride each of the top ten roller coasters in the World.

Roller Coasters and Palm Trees...yes please.

Em Julho de 2011 a Takabisha foi inaugurada, a montanha-russa de nome engraçado leva fama pelo seu ângulo de queda de 121°. Localizada no parque temático Fuji-Q Highland no Japão, tem extensão de 1.000 metros e uma altura de 43 metros.

Las Vegas's Stratosphere Roller Coaster. Not a prayer that I would get on this thing!! Click for more pics.

Never in a million years, but maybe if someone paid me a million dollars :) w/ earplugs, helmet, sleeping mask, barf bag and lots of padding!