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    haha too true

    how very true...

    HAHAHAHAHA!! :o)


    Yeh... every day.

    love me some bearded tattooed men! We're not talking Gandalf style here, but a little facial hair goes a long way XP

    EXACTLY!!! lol


    As all our friends start popping out babies, let's go celebrate our empty wombs with frozen margaritas. MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!


    She said it not me;)

    Cinderella can keep her glass slippers. This princess wears stilettos, has tattoos, swears like a truck driver, and can drink like a machine. YUP! LOL


    so telling people this! once i get a tattoo!

    so true!

    It's "I don't care" or "lasagna" everytime ....!

    Yup pretty much