haha too true

Bah, so true. Two kinds of people on the planet...the kind that regard such things deeply (omg a tattoo? you worship satan and punch kittens!) and the ones who do not. Tell me this isn't true.

Can I get an amen?


And don't we all have a little bit of crazy showing?

I think all us mom's have felt this at one point or another . . . .

nuf said...

so true


Good point.





ladies and gents you should be happy my boobs are the size they are or no one would stand a chance! lol

[yep!] ... Ha! That is so true!

My daily battle lol


Everyday at work - I am surrounded by sneezing, snorking, sniffling, and hellacious coughing. I think I insulted my co-worker by saying 'Do I need to call the paramedics over there? CPR? Kleenex? Just tell me what you need me to do' His response was (and has been) stoney silence. Oh well - - - -

Hurts like a bitch! Lol & somehow i've got one on each foot!

this has always been my plan.