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    • 🎶K🎶

      I see no difference... I love BOTH pictures because they are both Nialler! I love Nialler and there is nothing that will change that. He is still the amazing Irish boy I've fallen head over heels for. Niall is Niall and I love him SO much, as himself! I don't care how much his looks change he will always be my Nialler! Just always and forever. He will always be the happy go lucky, blonde boy who eats ALL the time and has a laugh that warms up the coldest nights. He will always be Nialler!

    • sarah larson

      honestly. this really makes me mad. I've loved Niall since the beginning, with his flaws and all. and now everybody "loves" him because he has braces and he dresses differently. if you really loved him you would have loved him from the beginning. he was perfect then and hes still perfect. but he shouldn't have to change to get your approval or for you to love him. he shouldn't have to change to meet your standards, if he did, they aren't realistic.

    • Sarah ✌

      True story. If you didn't love him before braces and snapbacks you can't love him now.<3<3

    • Shelby Graham

      Dear Directionaters.... Get it right! Love, Directioners everywhere

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