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DIY Alchemy Stones Bookends. Once you've glued and painted the rocks, add some leafing for extra flair.

Hit a Home Run Build these from two pieces of wood and then decoupage.

DIY record bookends from Olive Green Anna

SOMETHiNG MONUMENTAL: Make Your Own Record Coasters. Supplies: cheap coasters, paint, brushes, Mod Podge Outdoor, a pencil and a quarter to trace around.

vinyl record bookends. The disc is placed in boiling water very carefully, and then with a piece of wood forced to fold.

Gold DIY bookends bri emery / designlovefest on Glitter Guide / Photo by Trent & Dara Bailey

The Alligator Skirt Step by Step Instructions - Top 15 Summer Ready DIY Skirts With Free Patterns and Instructions

DIY Record Bowls. The DIY bowl from a record is a definite oldie-but-goodie craft project. These make great inexpensive party decor, take like 4 minutes to make, and cost 10 cents each. Learn how to make a record bowl after the jump...How to Make Record Bowls1.  Gather some records you never want to listen to again.  Place one record on top of a ceramic (oven-safe) bowl.

diy feather extensions. supplies: Jewelry Pliars (the kind with the teeth are best because you can use them to take the feather extensions out once you are done with them.) 2. Micro Crimp Bead (the pictured clip has silicone in the center, this helps it hold the feathers better) 3. Piece of fishing line. 4. Feathers! Below are links to a few of my favorite shops to buy feathers from.