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Treasure Rocks by thedomesticmama and thevillagecook: Made with leftover coffee grounds, salt, flour and water! #Treasure_Rocks #Kids #thevillagecook #thedomesticmama

Treasure rocks out of used coffee grounds! So cool: 1 cup leftover coffee grounds, 1 cup flour, cup salt, and enough water to make a dough. Hide little trinkets inside and bake at 150 for minutes. Or, set them out in the sun all day.

Space Bath with glow-in-the-dark paint and glow sticks. Awesome

Outer Space This is seriously the best website i have ever seen for fun creative things to do with ur kids n they show u how to make stuff with very inexpensive things! im so tryin this stuff!

Magic Paint Board! Paint on this with water and when it dries it disappears so you can repaint over and over. Plus, no mess!

Tutorial: Magic Paint Board

Magic Paint Board Tutorial--It's brush stroke paper put inside an old repainted frame (sans any glass.) What you do is paint on the brush stroke paper with WATER and watch your design magically appear. Then it slowly dries and fades away.

Raised Salt Painting ~ kids love watching the watercolor travel along the salt. A little art and a little science!

Might be a good sunday school lesson on being the salt of the earth and how our love spreads.salt painting, draw design with glue, pour salt over and touch with liquid watercolor paint, the paint will spread through the salt, no need to use brush strokes

1/4” Mt Dew in bottle, add tiny bit of baking soda and 3 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide. Shake and it glows. Call my childish but I want to try this SO BAD!!

{I will never drink Mountain Dew again} Summer Activity. Mt Dew in bottle, add tiny bit of baking soda and 3 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide. Shake and it glows. Pour on sidewalk to "paint".Who knew! (The kids will have a blast!)" doing this this summer

Make "Dinosaur eggs": 1 cup flour, 1 cup used dry coffee grounds, 1/2 cup salt, 1/4 cup sand, 3/4 cup water.  Mix, add flour and sand as needed to make dough consistency.  Form around small dinsaur toy and air dry or bake.

Play Create Explore: Make Your Own "Dinosaur Egg" or "Treasure Rock" with Coffee Dough She would love to find sparkly things inside.

100 Things To Do With Kids This Summer. (some fun things; lots for young kids)

Glow-in-the-dark slime! Another pinner says: glow in the dark slime UPDATE: made this and it was every bit as cool as I had hoped. Not sticky (was afraid it'd be sticky on the hands) and therefore not messy. and it glows!

cloud dough - heavenly, silky "dough" for hours of sensory play - 2 ingredients! happy hooligans

2-Ingredient Cloud Dough

2 Ingredient Cloud Dough - happy hooligans - flour and baby oil. 1 cup baby oil and 8 cups flour. use pastry cutter or whisk to mix

Awesome site...lets you upload any pic and convert to a coloring page. Make coloring books for kids. Hilarious! Going to have my kids color themselves (bust that out at a restaurant to capture their attention)!

Let's make a coloring book for her birthday!lets you upload any pic and convert to a coloring page! Maybe make a family coloring book?

Play roads made from old jeans with velcro on the back to stick to carpet.

portable roads that are easy for kids to put together and will travel easily, made out of old denim and yellow paint. velcro helps them stick to carpet - awesome idea! I'm so doing this with a pair of my old jeans!

A winter activity -- different colored water in water bottles to draw in the snow

Colored water in squeeze bottles for drawing in the snow. Totally doing this this winter. Science and Art grade Teach a lesson on the weather changes outside. Then take the kids outside and paint the snow with these colored water bottles

How to make magic wands, 25 things to do with cardboard boxes, and make a mini bow and arrow set!

TBPW: Amazingly Easy Kids Crafts

25 Fun Ideas for a Cardboard Box. So many creative play ideas using just a carboard box, some paint and clever thinking.

Now that the kids are almost on summer break it's time to start planning those daily activities. Your afternoons are guaranteed to be tons of fun and educational with these 25 At-Home Science Experiments

25 At-Home Science Experiments

Homeamde Floam- this stuff is easy to make and so fun! {So much cheaper than the store bought stuff!}

Homemade Floam- this stuff is easy to make and so fun! {So much cheaper than the store bought stuff!} and other fun kid stuff

Flubber ~  3/4 cup of cold water 1 cup of Elmer's glue liquid food coloring 1/2 cup hot water 1 tsp Borax detergent booster  Step 1: mix  cold water, glue, and food coloring in a bowl Step 2: mix hot water and Borax until fully dissolved Step 3: slowly add Step 1 to Step 2. mix well and pour off excess water. Store in an air tight container

Flubber Recipe For Kids So Fun! Here's the recipe. Flubber Mixture 1 ½ cups warm water 2 cups Elmer’s Glue Food coloring Mixture 3 tsp. Borax 1 cup Warm Water Stir mixture 1 together in 1 bowl. Mixture 2 in another bowl.