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Los Deportes- trading cards for sports unit

22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling by PBJpublishing: These little pearls of wisdom were tweeted by storyboard artist Emma Coats. She wrote them herself but learned them at Pixar from her senior colleagues.

Fairytale Storytelling Basket from The Imagination Tree

goofy - como jugar beisbol Great video for a sports lesson, I'm working on the interpretive activity, but is perfect for novice mid-high

This free product is great to support any olympic activities you are doing in your classroom. Students will create their own winter olympic sport and be asked to create the rules, guidelines and more!

Spanish Songs - Spanish Sports Song With Actions - Juego Fútbol by Sue Summers - Sung to the tune of a popular ballad, features 5 different sports, 5 different verbs and 5 different places. Educational song.

Spanish Listening & Speaking Practice 30 Oral Questions by Sue Summers - Topics include sports, family, free time, calendar, food and more!

Spanish Winter Olympic Sports Crossword Puzzle and Vocabulary by Sue Summers - 15 sports clues and 15 images to identify. Spanish Olympics.

Clozeline: El Canijo de Jerez - funny, fun song you could act out! Presente - maybe do it during sports unit in Spn1