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    girl vs dog

    • B & T Rents

      Incredible Photos of Humanity - These touching photos can help to remind you of the beauty of this human experience, and the kinds of things we should be thankful for everyday.

    • Ginger Sparks

      They simply never understand, do they, that sometimes solitude is one of the most beautiful things on earth? — Charles Bukowski

    • Mary Ferre

      The only unconditional love we get in our life is from our parents and our dogs. No one else. They'll forgive us anything and will never stop loving us. Unconditional Love

    • Abigail

      This is beautiful! Where there's a will there's a way...and sometimes the answer is the kindness, support, and help of a dog! :)

    • Marie LaPlant

      This is the most precious photo ever! Displaying the loving, loyal traits of Golden Retrievers.

    • Big Barker Dog Beds

      Want more pictures like this? Click the image for more. #funny #loldogs #dogs #pets #animals

    • Debbie Chidester

      Beautiful! Golden Retriever & best friend. Goldens are all about love and loyalty!!

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    girl and dog

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    Homeless people hardly have anything and they take on stray animals simply for companionship and to have a possesion that is theirs. Most people never understand why a homeless person would have a dog when they see them on corners and such they should look at it a little deeper to really see why they have a pet.

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    You're welcome to join me on facebook for many more works! *** An adorable and energetic boxer pup waiting for her treat ;) ***

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    pure love)