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Bird's Nest & Ferns, Fidelia Bridges Check more at

Hummingbird chicks. The nest is about the size of a ping pong ball and cup shaped. Eggs are the size of small jellybeans or peas.

The Bar-winged Prinia, sometimes known as the Bar-winged Wren-warbler. It is endemic to Indonesia, where it occurs on the islands of Sumatra, Java and #bird of paradise|

Aww, would have loved to see the baby birds.

#Blue #Robin #eggs in their Spring bird's #nest - a wonderful part of #EASTER'S EXCITING EXPECTATIONS - - Very fragile eggs, yet many robins end up hopping around the grass looking for worms within days after hatching! Nice photo via Eileen Bell.

The elf owl, which is the world's smallest owl, of the southwestern US makes its nest in a hollow cactus

Rare footage of a Hummingbird resting on a flower....isn't this so sweet?..