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Infographic infographic.

Infographic | How do you make an infographic.

A standards-based, Language Arts lesson plan that focuses on figurative language(simile, metaphor, hyperbole,

FUN and ENGAGING Middle/High school English Language Arts Lessons :)

We love the idea of using balls in a foreign language class to let kids get moving while they learn.

A FREE graphic organizer to use with any nonfiction text.

The world on an orange. lesson plan. excellent idea for mapping lesson.

This writing lesson models how to increase test scores by teaching students to pick out key words from a prompt, create a graphic organizer, and stretch th...

Homeschool planner with lesson plans

Sign language

Why learn a foreign language? Great videos to show your class on the first day of school. Includes FRIENDS, and THE BIG BANG THEORY

Can of questions | The Creative Language Class. Could do for theme-based. With color code for facts, opinion, connections. Endless possibilities indeed.

Figurative Language Zombie Style: fun, high-interest writing lesson over similes, metaphors, personification, and onomatopoeia

Would you like to learn how to use graphic organizers to create reading lessons based on Common Core Standards? Watch this free webinar recording to discover just how easy it is!

Included in this collection are 70 Webquests that cover a variety of topics. Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Reading, Health, and Holidays -there's a quest in this collection that will cover that area. Included are 3 sets of task cards that are mini quests as well. If you are the technology teacher or just want to have great lessons with your class in the computer lab, this bundle will take you through your school year.

Languages Around The World

Middle School Lesson Plans

Here's the man in the middle of US map. This is a good tool to help students remember where these midwestern states are located.

Facts from the world of languages

Primary Reading: Sorting Syllables Cut and Paste Activity Book - Great for helping to teach students how to decode words. #literacy #reading #tpt