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big sister - little sister... or could do little brother

hands...I always notice them. Hands are precious. Hands are beautiful things.

Pintas de blanco los cabellos,y de arrugas los cuerpos,pero hay sabiduría en tus años,la producida por alegría, tristeza o por los daños. Por los momentos más felices,o por aquellos que han dejado cicatrices, por el dolor acumulado o los errores cometidos... Sabiduría que brota en tus palabras, en forma de consejos o regaños... Tercera edad, que pausas el caminar, haces lento el hablar...también haces que aprendamos a escuchar. (Henry Ricardo)

Newborn photos I love these different perspectives and angles. Slightly different from the ones you normally see. Beautiful

Cute mommy-son photo. I wanna dress my boy in chucks and studded belts.

My eldest daughter has a birthday coming up and I hope her sisters appreciate how much she has loved them right from the start. Never forget how Dani shared her ice pop, kept your secrets, and watched out for you on the playground. Dani, thank you. Love, Mom

Use Justin's fire helmet ant boots instead?

Newborn Baby Boy | Sibling Pose | Black and White Modern {B Couture Photography} Photo Session Ideas | Props | Prop | Child Photography | Clothing Inspiration| Fashion | Pose Idea | Poses

These are awesome Pinkletoes pictures. But I'm pinning for the name (ANNIE) above the bedroom door. Love that! Should do EMMA and KASEY and US above our bedroom doors...

awwww. reminds me of that zooey deshanel quote, "In an ideal world no one would talk before 10am. People would just hug, because waking up is really hard." ♥