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Free The Girls - a charity that helps free women and girls from prostitution by letting them sell secondhand clothing

The Cancer Resource Alliance (CRA), an outreach arm of Seby B. Jones Regional Cancer Center, was established in 2006 to empower cancer survivors and their loved ones to be active partners in their healing journey - inspiring hope through education and support.

National Mammography Program: We partner with medical facilities across the country to provide free mammograms and diagnostic breast care services to underserved women through the #NBCF National Mammography Program.

The Holocaust Museum and Learning Center is a 5,000-square-foot education & exhibition facility dedicated to teaching the important history & lessons of the Holocaust & preserving the memory of the 6 million Jews who perished. The exhibition is designed with a focus on the experiences of survivors who immigrated to St. Louis.

This June 1, 2013 photo provided by the New York State Department of Corrections shows Mark David Chapman at the Wende Correctional Facility..!!! GOOD to know that this guy is still in prison, and denied parole. He says, that he shouldn't have acted like an idiot! REALLY? How about he shouldn't have MURDERED an INNOCENT UNARMED man. A famous man that thrilled the world with his GREAT music! How about that YOU CRAZY IDIOT? !!!

Giving Women a Way Out of Human Trafficking. Send them your old bras and they will give them to women in Mozambique to sell and make a living with!

My brother will say I'm going to my hockey game but not me i go to meets. swimming is a real sport so don't say that it's not