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Hippie Love ♥ via | Hippies Hope Shop

african dik-dik - They mate for life, and if 1 dies, the other stops eating and dies 7 days later. They are always in pairs, and so adorable!!!

I posted this then after doing a little searching found it already postedtook my image down and re-blogged! :)

Parenting: great photo from the animal world! What caption would you give this?

"Two cats can live as cheaply as one, and their owner has twice as much fun." --Lloyd Gershon

'Oh, hey, I was just hanging out...' lol, reminds me of our Mr.Bella who jumps into, hides in or squishes himself into the funniest places s/times...funniest when its a small place he used to hide when he was a kitten & then has this shocked look on his face like, 'hey, why didn't you warn me my butt got bigger b4 i went in here?!?'

And God created this lovely creature and Adam loved it so much that he named it "Dog" which was "God" spelled backward!

If u don't think that this is cute then u probably need to go the doctor

Just the cuteness. thanks to Leigh Grundy board Horseys. 60 repins from here 13th April 2014

I have been wanting a bunny for so long!!! This is just precious! I want it!!!!!!!! My birthday's coming up . . . ;)