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Hilton Nui Resort in Bora Bora. a girl can dream. just google how much this resort costs.. yes i've looked.

Exactly how I feel right now . I love you and I hate that we are like this. I just want to go back to the way things were <3

Very true. I've spent the past (almost) 7 yrs checking out the area and looking for the perfect neighborhood. I love that we took the time to really find what we want & need for our kids... & slowly crossed off the areas we didn't like. It was a steady progression & now we've found the place that has everything right down to the side walked streets! We just have to wait for the house lol. And we r going to wait till we find the perfect one.

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Things seem to be going well (whatever that means for people like us) and I m so terrified that it s all just going to blow up in my face any second now. I could drive myself insane thinking and rethinking. I ve been taking baby steps to get to a good place, and yeah I still have work to do, but I m worried that I m just gonna go back in a circle to where I was before. Can anyone relate? How do you cope?