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Star Trek (TV Series 1966–1969) Mom still loves this show. These are her 3 fav characters, especially Mr, Spok!

The Mindy Project personality,personality

Need to get rid of the word "not" in this picture. If it is finals week they are probably drunk too.

I cannot wait to be a Golden Girl some day...though my husband will also have to deal with me.

This is the most accurate description of Star Trek I've ever heard.

Star Trek Enterprise Plush - it's a stuffed toy version of the USS Enterprise

So true - more like built-in-elastic that will give you quadraboob - or elastic you have to pull so far down that it defeats the purpose of wearing a camisole . . . .

To all those who waste their lives documenting every moment, as if people really care about your self-proclaimed enviable lifestyle, just enjoy the moment.

Thank you. I've been looking for someone who put this together.

He kept saying I'm Captain Jack ... I love William Shatner!

I've honestly done this before. Throw on a pair of jeans and a tee to run to walmart, don't see anyone I know, so I might rewear it because I change into sweats as soon as I hit the door at home, no matter what I'm wearing haha --- ditto to the comment!!