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One masked baby Meerkat peeks out from behind Mom at Chester Zoo. The tiny newcomer made its first public appearance after being hidden away in burrows by its parents since it's birth about three weeks ago.

UPDATE! It's a snowy adventure for Longleat Safari and Adventure Park's eight Lion cubs. See them as they practice their crouching and pouncing skills, today on ZooBorns.

A Paris zoo announced the birth of two rare Southeast Asian clouded leopards named Pati and Jaya. The clouded snow leopard is exceedingly rare and hard to breed in captivity.

On January 13, deep within the dens of the U.K.'s Durrell Wildlife Park Asian Small-clawed Otter enclosure, female otter Bintang gave birth to not one, not two but three babies! Small-clawed Otters are the smallest species of otter in the world, and when the babies were checked and weighed just days ago, they weighed a tiny three-quarters pound (335g) each! http://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/2013/02/threes-company-when-it-comes-to-otter-pups.html

Zoo Berlin welcomed an Ocelot kitten on July 16, and keepers have noticed some stirrings now that the kitten is about nine weeks old. Even though mom does a good job keeping her baby out of sight, visitors have an increasing chance of catching a glimpse of the beautifully-patterned mother and baby. See and read more at ZooBorns: http://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/2013/09/ocelot-berlin-zoo.html

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