I like these ideas! might give them a try

This is okay, except you don't want to overwork the same muscle group everyday. so, do abs, butt, cardio, arms and back to abs etc. you get the idea. That way your muscles have a heal cycle and you can keep your workout routine a daily one, if you want. So, just follow the chart via ass days.

Template for clean eating

my plan...

Now if only I will do it.

Pink himalayan salt contains 84 minerals that are essential for a healthy body. Food, diet, and nutrition. on Diets Grid

30 Day Butt Lift Challenge - Bunny and Lin, are you in? It will help get my mind off the stressful things!

My 60 day jump-start to better health! I am not a doctor, please consult yours before changing your diet.

Back to basics! Awesome!

I'm such an emotional eater :(

Bootcamp Challenge

Whoo hoo, I feel amazing after I get through this..

Essential guide for getting your entire body in check in 30 Days | 30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge

Let's get motivated!

Good reminder of some healthy snacks!

No-Squats-Belly-Butt-Thighs-Workout Sounds like a challenge, said it will flatten your belly, slim your thighs, and firm your butt in 2 weeks without a single sit-up or squat..

A Cleanse

Slow and Steady wins the race!! Here are some tricks to help you stay on track and hit those weight loss goals past January!

weight loss formula