Desserts are made of sugar and Love...spread the love with this easy and #Vegan Pomegranate Mousse...@sanjeeta kk Lite Bite

Frozen Chocolate Bananas - An easy and kid-friendly dessert that's fun & frugal to make.

Orange apple agar agar jelly ♥ Dessert

Mocha Mousse @Carolyn Rafaelian Ketchum

Coconut-Pandan Agar. #food #agar #dessert

Vegan Mocha Mousse

Healthy chocolate mousse - vegan recipe

Agar-Agar Pudding Jelly with Coconut Milk Recipe (Brown Cookie Blog)

vegan chocolate mousse pie

Upper layer: candied kumquat, agar agar, sugar, water, kirsch Under layer: candied kumquat paste, sweet white bean paste, agar agar, sugar, water

Vegan Magic: Chocolate Mousse (NO ADDED SUGAR) - a luscious, healthy, kid-friendly dessert that benefits from the natural sweetness of dates. 3 ingredients, very easy to make, with countless flavouring possibilities.

White Chocolate Mousse with soya cream and agar agar

Sex in a Pan. Say whuut? The super popular dessert that is guaranteed to get people talking! #vegan #healthy #sexydessert #recipe

Crèmes dessert pomme poire à l’agar-agar

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Pumpkin Mousse

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Olives for Dinner | Vegan Recipes and Photography: Coconut, Pomegranate and Lime Kanten- two very important things about agar through my misstep, which are: a.) it must be boiled to be activated and b.) acidic agents, like those found in sour fruits, prevent agar from gelling properly.