Burger Cake.

Big Burger Cake The burgers of this cake are a dark chocolate frosting, the cheese and tomatoes are tinted frosting, the lettuce leaves are made from almond paste, and sunflower seeds stand in for sesame seeds

mon gâteau de fête, please.

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Cake│Queque - #Cake

macdonalds fast food cake, w/fondant fries. The can of coke was most challenging for me as it had to be painted. You need to find the right mix of red (gel or liquid) to get the color right.

una tarta bien...... alta

This amazing cake was created by Le Delizie di Amerilde and is called 'Passion of cakes'. Perfect for a whimsical tea party, or a Alice in Wonderland theme, it's incredible!

Cakes That Kids Can Make. Cheeseburger cake.

Cakes That Kids Can Make

A hamburger cake even a kid can make! It& a clever idea but needs frosting. Cake just ain& tasty without yummy frosting.

Cake Upon Cake....

Sculpted Cake - love the different cakes atop each other with cupcake crowning this sweet dessert. Use different flavors of cake and colors of icing for a truly fun event.