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  • Jill Spirup

    "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" in Vanity Fair.

  • Gaëlle Lemaire

    Hunger Games Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth in Vanity Fair Shoot.

  • Elyse Johnson

    The Hunger Games Peeta and Katniss <3#JenniferLawrence #JoshHutcherson #LiamHemsworth

  • Nicole Stiff

    The Hunger Games: Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Liam Hemsworth photographed for Vanity Fair.

  • Leah

    Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. #hungergames

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I wish they had gotten someone cuter to play Peeta....sigh. Lawrence, Hutcherson, and Hemsworth pose in the North Carolina woods. Growing up, Katniss and Gale would often risk their lives by crawling beneath the electric fence encircling District 12 to hunt in the forest. She would use the skills learned on these excursions to keep both Peeta and herself alive in the deadly arena.

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this is also one of the few times in the movie you see Katniss smile which is what makes him so special . Whether she knows it or not ,Peeta is one of the reasons she is who she is . She keeps saying that she owes him and hates it but , he doesn't care he wants to do these things for him because .......he loves her

Knowing that filming has almost finished kills me. I love that it's all been filmed but means it's also the end :(

I absolutely can't wait for the movie to come out! (partially because I want to see if I pronounce all of the names correctly..)

How teenagers would really think #thehungergames #thg

"Any last words of advice?" " stay alive." That's almost like an old joke between us now. We just nod because what more is there to say?

Girl on Fire... I like how Peeta is reaching out his hand since they are holding hands in that scene

The first pic (hunger games) looks like she's scared. The 2nd pic (catching fire) she looks mad. & in the 3rd pic (mockingjay pt 1) she looks like she's just tired and wants it all over with.... This is what I thought when I saw this.

mean girls hunger games Jennifer Dryden - you would like this one.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Symbol of the by watchitDesigns

Peeta and Katniss...This is how I imagined it in my head, see how Peeta is NOT shorter than Katniss.