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    Second breakfast!

    • Laurel Martin

      Pippin <3 hobbit meals include: breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper

    • Ron L

      ...and elevensies, dinner, luncheon, afternoon tea? I don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip.

    • Michaela O'Neill

      Merry: Don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip. Pippin: What about elevensies? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them, doesn't he? Merry: I wouldn't count on it.

    • Collyn Smoke

      ...and elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper? One of my favorite quotes from the movie c:

    • Radically Bisexual

      Breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper... (and dessert!!)

    • Sheila Ruiz

      One time, I was in a five hours car trip with my parents and a cousin, with who we made small talk for hours. At some point, I pointed to GPS and said: "We will be there at 10 a.m. Just in time for a second breakfast. Like hobbits do." And my cousin was like: "Man, I can see those movies one after other! Have you seen 'The Hobbit' yet? Is it good?" " Are you kidding me? I saw it four times! It's the best movie in the world!" It was February 15 th.

    • Megan Mick

      ...and elevensies, dinner, luncheon, afternoon tea? :) I LOVE Lord of the Rings gahhh

    • Chelsey Kopeschny

      Possibly my favorite scene in all the movies.

    • Natalie Gonzalez


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    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Pippin. :3

    love this scene

    Oh, Sam, how I love you!

    Enough for a man. But not for a hobbit :) Merry & Pip ♥

    Merry and Pippin!! ♥

    "PO-TAY-TOES!" Cooking with Sam and Smeagol... One of my favorite scenes in all of Lord Of The Rings #LOTR

    Oh Pippin

    Hobbits love their second breakfast. (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings) @Thanh Tran tin Avilado Conde ... I told you lol

    The most important meals of the day.

    (gif) Pippin: "What about breakfast?" Aragorn: "You've already had it." Pippin: "We've had one, yes. But what about second breakfast?"

    Music Stands

    "Eat Cake For Breakfast" mug // 30% off at Kate Spade

    If I drank my coffee out of this every morning, I wouldn't even care if I ended up skipping breakfast

    Pippin's Song

    hahaha how i love pippin :)

    I just choked on my second breakfast.

    Oh pippin...

    But what about second breakfast?

    Merry and Pippin ♥ Lord of the Rings -- LOL best comic relief of the LOTR films, love these two!!

    Ah, Pippin.