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just-littlethings is a great tumbler. the bits of almost daily inspiration make you remember to appreciate what you have and where you're at. it's a "little thing" in itself.

But the thing is.. The only person in the world I can picture myself with is Harry. Yes I'm a Lirry girl but I'm a hardcore Payzer shipper, and yes I love all the boys but idk don't ask me my mind just thinks up random stuff. Okay bye

I'm not taking this in a love BF gf thing but as best friends me and my bestest friend actually started talking when she said "Shawn Mendes" at PE and I just stopped and turned around in front of her and said "did you say Shawn Mendes?" And she said yes and we started talking and now we're bestest friends and help each other with life

The best feeling is when you look at him and he is already staring love love quotes quotes relationship her him