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Why Kids Need Dogs

Dog+Cat Love.


Haha aww


♂ wildlife photography #animals Beautiful African leopard laying on the tree


White leopard family

~~Cheeky Raccoon by ~Missysmom~~

Sand Tiger Shark (by Viking-)

FRANÇOIS SARANO, PRIMO MICARELLI ET ROBERT CALCAGNO - MERCREDI 12 NOVEMBRE 2014"Les grands requins blancs de Méditerranée" Maison des Océans à Paris

Salmon Shark - Salmon sharks generally grow to between 200 and 260 cm (79–103 in) in length and weigh up to 220 kg (485 lb). [Males appear to reach a maximum size slightly smaller than females. Unconfirmed reports exist of salmon sharks reaching as much as 4.3 m (14.2 ft); however, the largest confirmed reports indicate a maximum total length of about 3.0 m (10 ft). The maximum reported weight of this heavily built shark is over 450 kg (992 lb).

Biggest Great White Shark in History | ... record-breaking 50ft great white shark off the coast of Ireland

That indescribable precious bond between mother and child, lioness & cub. Photo by Marcus Visic #mother #child #baby #cute #animal #lion #gaze #cute #cat #nature #wildlife #photography #animals #mothersday #bond

Tiger am Wasserloch (Tiger at the waterhole) | by mbap266

Siberian Tiger

The cutest raccoon ever!

Lion's playing in the tree


Valais Blackneck WOW