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This is TOTALLY me!! Minus the tea part

Almost sums up my life with the exception of being a brunette and dreaming of new york.

WOW thats so me!! ~minus the tea and I dream of way better places than New York!

Minus friends, New York and believing in magic... This is my life

Minus the tea and change new york to disneyland and you have me!

oh, hey. this is my life. Kinda...without FRIENDS and New York.

Kinda creepy how much my this is my life. Except the Tea part.

This is so true minus the Friends/New York

These are a few of my favorite things 💖

Just girly things!

All of them are true

All of them are true

All of them are true

Okay, the brunette thing seems sketchy, cause I'm more of a brondie; like an in-betweener, but besides that, SPOT ON!

every single one of those was 100% true well at least I think I'm a good listener<<Well, I'm blonde...but everything else is true!!

All true! Except for fears of ppl hating me and the one about being brunette I'm blonde

All of these are true except for the brunette, I'm have dirty blonde hair 😁😄

every single one of those is true, except the brunette, I'm dirty blond...

every single one of those is 100% true but im dirty blonde

All true except I'm blonde, well dirty blonde

So true, I'm blonde though.

Soooo true

All true except I don't write fan fiction.. They scare me

all true ( well I write fanfiction in my head.... but I'll write it down one day!) My imagination doesn't scare me.... Some times but hey whatcha gonna do

Almost all true, except I dont write fanfiction.... but I suppose I'll write it one day! ;) And my imagination doesn't scare INSPIRES me! XD

all true ( well I write fanfiction in my head....and also the part about me thinking there's something wrong with me is not true :) )

all true I write fanfiction, My imagination doesn't scare me. Sometimes hey whatcha gonna do. Everyone who's comment on here I want to you people to know that we must stick together and don't let anyone tell you your weirdo it's just that they are jealous of your awesomeness

all true ( well I write fanfiction in my head.... but I'll write it down one day!) My imagination doesn't scare me.... Some times but hey whatcha gonna do<-------- same! but my imagination does scare me, I go through so many "what if I murdered" scenarios. I swear I'm just a writer!

All true ( well I write fanfiction in my head.... but I'll write it down one day!).

This Is me, except for the fanfiction part...I don't write fanfiction

All true except I don't write fan fiction.

Basically describes me!!

Things to do!

Things to do!

Things to do!

The perfect bucket list...everything but the meet online friends part :) I know all my online friends lol

The perfect bucket list--except meeting online friends like bro, have you SEEN the movies? do you WANT to get murdered??

The perfect bucket list, except for "meeting online friends" because -> den u a stupid hoe!

The perfect bucket list...except meet online friends..I watch too much catfish for that.

perfect bucket list ideas, minus the meet online friends thing

The perfect bucket list...accept I want to BE a dream catcher.

Things to do! Summer bucket list maybe!

summer bucketlist

Life goals

Most of these are true

This is me but if you call a eight book collection something then....and i don't break the rules I'm a good girl lol

This is literally all me...the nail polish one is true, I just don't usually buy the stuff anymore 😂

This is me...except I'm not obsessed about nail polish and I almost always follow the rules

Book collection, Nail polish, and I don't love myself everything else is true

Finally one of these things that describes me!

Me, not the girly stuff though.

all i want is love!!!

| Just Girly Things

This is so Abby

"And That's Who I Am♥❤ So true

Everything is true except Im only shy when I met a person for the first time-after that you see the real side of me:) <-- this wasn't me but totally true

I know this isn't girly things but I can relate to ALL of these so I'm gonna pin it here! ❤

All true things about me.

Just girly things

Totally true🍂

WAIT THERE ARE JUST GIRLY THING POSTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY RELATABLE AND NOT STUPID WHAAAAAAAAA i take back what i said (but the parodies are still funny sorry.....)

Although I don't like the Just Girly Things (I'm not a girl), This is 100% accurate.

Just Girly Things

Girly things

things I like!

Things I Like: -the smell outside after rain -baggy sweaters -books you can't put down -making people smile -feeling loved -saying hello to strangers -songs that relate to you -underwater tea parties -sleepovers -hot tea -thunderstorms -chocolate cake -saying what you feel

Things I like amended~ I'd have to replace the Hot Tea with Hot Chocolate & Rainy nights cuddled up with flannel sheets and a great comforter, because I have no clue what an underwater tea party is!

Things I like amended~ I'd have to replace smell of the outside after rain to the smell of rain coming across an open field; underwater tea parties to sitting around with friends enjoying music and great conversation, and a good pecan pie for Chocolate Cake. I'd have to add walks on the beach and snowy nights cuddled up in fuzzy jammies with a fire in the fireplace enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

Things I love (except maybe the underwater tea parties. Sounds kind of neat though)

Underwater tea parties?! Never thought about it but how awesome would that be?!

These are a few of my favorite things-EXCEPT!- underwater tea parties!!! Yuck!

Besides underwater tea parties, hot tea, and chocolate cake

I'm just a girl.

I'm just a girl. I love being called pretty, but I'll never believe it. I'm not always right, but hate admitting I'm wrong. I'm almost always smiling, but it's not always real. I can be read like an open book, but hide so much. I work hard at things, but don't always get the what I deserve. I'm just a girl. So true

I'm not just a girl. I know I'm pretty. I'm not always right and I'll admit it when I'm wrong.I'm not always smiling but when I am, it's real. I can't always be read like an open book. There's a lot you don't know about me. I work hard at things and I know what I deserve. I'm not just a girl.

second chances quotes | life quotes # teen quotes # life # quotes

I read this quote and thought every guy should read it

I love how truthful this feels towards me.

"Cause i love you with all that i am, and my voice shakes along with my hands." "I get the best feelin in the world when you say hi or even smile at me because i know, even if its just for a second,  that i crossed your mind." "I love it when he smiles. It's cute how he laughs. Everytime i look at him, i remember the first time he looked into my eyes and now i can't imagine my life without him. Yep! That boy has me wrapped around his finger" "I want you to be the LAST person i fall in LOVE with and the only person i spend the rest of my life with." "Because you're the kind of guy who'd laugh at me when i fall, but help me up and whisper "its's okay, i still love you." " "I asked you if i was PRETTY, u said NO. I asked you if i was FAT, u said YES OF COURSE. I asked if u WANTED to be with me forever, u said NO. I asked u if u would CRY if i walked away, u said NO. I had heard too much, and needed to leave and as i walked away... You grabbed my arm and told me to stay. U said.... Ur not PRETTY, Ur BEAUTIFUL. The only thing FAT, or BIG about u is ur HEART. I don't WANT to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever. And, baby, I wouldnt CRY if u walked away... I would DIE." "When a girl is in love, you can see it in her smile. When a guy is in love, you can see it in his eyes." "There's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you. I Love You." "I'm no one SPECIAL, just another wide-eyed GIRL who's DESPERATELY in love with YOU." (found quotes and photos on Pinterest.)

25 Astonishing And Deep Girl Quotes sayings motivational one liner quotation sms with images pictures hd fb covers tumblr wallpapers for pretty beautiful women

My life is so much more interesting inside my head. And the impossible adventures that others wish for, exists in my imaginative dreams and remains in my memories even when I'm awake.

My friends think I day-dream way too much...but hey, like it says...My life is so much more interesting inside my head

My life is so much more interesting inside my head. Haha makes me smile because Oh so true

My life is so much more interesting inside my head. (this is always so true)

"My life is so much more interesting inside my head." #LOVE #LIVE #DREAM

True Story!

Even the silliest sight, whispered word or smaller sound can trigger a memory from the past or a wish from the future. It's incredibly easy to get caught up in a moment, really, remembering what you used to want to be or trying to figure out how you will turn out. At least that's what happens to me, anyways. People that doesn't know me usually complains about my lack of attention because it seems to them like I'm always living in a world that only I can access (which is both a privilege and a curse, really). And I have to admit that what they say is true 95% of the time, because I'm always trying to dream. I like to do it when I go to sleep -especially because it would keep the nightmares at bay, duh!- but it's even more fun when you just do it while being awake and entirely aware of everything that surrounds you. Albus Dumbledore once said:  Usually, I dream of things involving writing or something related to it. Like me, owning a really cool editorial. Being an Oscar recipient for best script, writing a Tony Award winning musical, becoming a best seller author, or getting the lead role on a really cool TV series like Girls, Game Of Thrones or even Glee. You know, pretty usual stuff for me. Although sometimes I step away from my comfort zone, like the following example: I have never really dreamed of being a performer on Broadway or be a great music icon because I can't even hit Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do in the proper way. Seriously. But that never stops me from getting too caught up in a random moment... One second I'm in the shower, belting at the top of my lungs "No Good Deed" (what can I say, I absolutely adore Idina Menzel and Wicked; besides when I dream, I dream big, so just roll with it) and the next, when I close my eyes, I find myself standing in the middle of a stage -with the spotlight all over me and in front of many, many people- singing my heart out, being adored, feeling like a freaking rockstar.  It might sound silly, but I can tell you for sure you that at the end of the shower I will be all smiles because I'll be feeling extremely better. That's a guarantee. Never feel ashamed of what you dream because those thoughts and hopes are a fundamental part of what inspires you and keeps you moving forward on life. But more importantly, and since it won't hurt at all to do so, never be afraid of letting your imagination go wild. (Here's a picture of something I'm always telling everyone around me...) (They look at me weird, but whatever, I love it!) Just remember to keep the childish part of yourself always close to your heart, and I assure you that life will be and feel even better than before.

Dreams, Life. My life is so much more interesting inside my head. > Dream Quotes with Pictures.

so true

"The best feelings in the world: Hot showers; the first bite of a meal when you are really hungry; tight hugs; crawling into bed after a long day; forehead kisses; waking up in the morning and actually feeling like you got enough sleep"

the best feelings~ all of these are so true. I especially love the tight hugs. Im always saying this!

The best feeling in the world. Forehead kisses. First bite when you're hungry. Bed after a long day. Tight hugs. Waking up after enough sleep. Hot showers...

Some of the many feelings that I absolutely love. Even better when combined... tight hugs and forehead kisses in a hot shower, then crawl into bed, and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and a little famished.

The little things are the best things. I need some more forehead kisses, just sayin

Forehead kisses are one of my favorite things.

the best feelings~the simple things

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Best friends <3

Best friends <3

Best friends <3

My best friends:) Thing is, why you have one best friend, I'm lucky enough two have two Godly best friends that love me as much as I love them! :)

I love my friend her name is ashley she lives in atlanta but she comes here a lot and she the best friend i could ever had we do all of this.

I love my friends,but my BEST friend I wouldn't trade for anything in the would. Love ya!@rellek_c

I love my friends! Especially my best friends. This pin pretty much sums up my life with them. <3

This is for my best friends that I love sooo much!!!!! #love #bestfriends

I love my friends! And I couldn't live with out my best friend

I love my friends! And my best friend lives next door!

best friend quotes :)

BFF Quotes

I'm that girl

This is totally me && the teddy bear is jeff..haha. I am a very caring person till my buttons are pushed.. those that are in my life know me && can say I am a great friend and I will never let you down.

That's weird. It describes me like perfectly... | Teen Girl Quotes | Quotes About Girls | My Quotes Home - Quotes About Inspiration - Part ...

so true!!! Except the part with the teddy bear (I have one, but I'm fine with sleeping without it by my side)

for my girls...When you love give it all you have...believe in yourself yourself first then you are free to love someone else just as much...

I hate quotes that say "she's the girl". But this one kind of describes me. Word for word ish.

This is like totally me. Except the teddy bear part. I don't do that haha

I'd like to think that I am this girl… except for the teddy bear part

Teen Girl Quotes>>> story of my life

I guess this is what it feels like. To care so much that it literally breaks your heart. I mean, I've experienced it before in some respects. With my family, and Princess. But damn. right now, it really hurts. And I didn't think it would hurt this much. I get it finally, when people talk about feeling, and caring so much. That they care even when they know it's not worth it, and that each time they get shut down, they get right back up and let the blows continue. Fist, eye, elbow, jaw, knuckles, kidney, knee, groin. Over, and over again. I've been selfish. That I can attest too. Everyone has their moments. And I'm trying not to judge. But it's really hard, to sit here and know that... So many of these girls. That I care so much about. Who I give up so much for, who I kill myself over everyday to make a difference in their lives -- would still chose everything over me. Or  even someone else. Knife point in, twisting. Deeper, harder, swifter, hurting. I get it now, what my moms talked about for years. How she can give so much, and care so much, and I still choose me over the greater good. I'm not trying to judge, because I'm selfish too. Hell, look at this post. But damn. I feel so alone, in a building full of people. Lost, because I am too easily found. Too easily accessible when necessary for ones-self. Damn. It's not even the people who live within my building anymore. I feel like half the people in my life could care less at this point. Maybe not half, but some of the people I really thought I could count on at the very least. Just sucks. That people I actually care about could care less about me. It's a crappy feeling. I wish I never had to learn this lesson.

hope i can follow this quote all my life~ #quote #life #follow

I'd rather look back at my life and say "I can't believe I did that" instead of saying "I wish I did that" inspirational quote

hope i can follow this quote all my life~ #quote #life #follow |

Not bad. I'm sure there are plenty of the older generation who wish they had thought this way.

Live life fully...don't hold back, make it count and make every moment legendary...No regrets

hope i can follow this quote all my life~ #quote #life #follow #travel #wisdom

Motivate Inspiring Life Quotes | Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

hope i can follow this quote all my life~ no regrets

So true #bucketlist #life #quotes

Oh yeah, ain't that the. Truth!

Love you mom <3

I love my mom so much and I should tell her more. She's put up with alo from me over the past year but has never stopped being there For me and being my best friend! Love you Mom!

Mom <3 No one could ever have told me how much I would miss my mom now that she is not here ! She was someone who always loved me .

Mother day gift ideas. Love this poem. :) I love my mom. <3

my inspiration and best friend..i love you mom<3

I love my mom <3 she's my best friend

Quotes & sayings

miss you mom <3

For my mom, and my best friend. Craft Projects,Favorite Places & Spaces,Just Cause,MOM,Quotes,quotes to live by,


"...Even the wrong words seem to rhyme...Even the stars refuse to shine. Out of the back you fall in time, I somehow find that, you and I, collide."

Even the wrong words seem to rhyme. I somehow find, you and I collide. - Howie Day

Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes #snowboarding #quotes #inspiration

For more quotes & sayings, please visit us at!

Even the stars refuse to shine

have to remember this

Collide- Howie Day <3

my favorite song..


I think this is my new favorite quote. I love this.

This is 100% truth and myself to the fullest. I have never been able to put this into words but I think this short saying speaks volumes. #SmartGirls

don't normally consider myself a 'smart girl' but everything in this is so true about my life.

Never thought of myself as a smart girl, but everything said is all me and so true!

quotes+about+love+and+hate+tumblr | drake quotes # love # smart girls # cry

Smart girls. This made my tear up because it is so true for me.

Truth! i had smart girl and i let her slip thru my fingera

Drake. Quote. Girls. Smart girls. Love.

Smart girls.. Truth

Well said. So true

Can't love this enough. Forreall so true!!! Story of my life

truth. #storyofmylife. Why would you leave me then

So true .. Thought you were different

So true story. And far too often.

Truth. Story of my life lately!

So true. story of my life

Getting attached quote

My life story


I hate myself, I hate my life, I hate how I feel, I hate everything others have said about me, to me, done to me. I've tried so hard to stay strong and not get to this point, but it's here.

Shes On The Line This is exactly how I feel! I have told the truth to a fault. I have put others before myself. I have loved with all of my heart. I have gotten lied on, judged and things turned on me. I am not perfect but at least I tell the truth and will say I am sorry etc.

If it's worthwhile overall, it's worth the commitment to struggle. Nothing is 100% easy, but everything includes something to be grateful for. Look for those things, change what you can, and just let go of the things you can't (they take up too much space to keep them in your thoughts). <3 I wonder if this last semester is going to feel like this quote?!!!

She’s On The Line This is exactly how I feel! I have told the truth to a fault. I have put others before myself. I have loved with all of my heart.

Know this feeling. If it's worthwhile overall, it's worth the commitment to struggle. Nothing is 100% easy, but everything includes something to be grateful for. Look for those things, change what you can, and just let go of the things you can't (they take up too much space to keep them in your thoughts). <3

.Sometimes that seems like a true story in my life. But I never give up.

So true. Def how I feel sometimes!

givingup/holding on



So true :) One of my habits is to start singing something to fit the situation! I do it ALL the time!!!!

@Sarah Beach...i actually thought of Drew but remembered how much you LOVE song lyrics in everyday life:)

so true, it makes my life a musical, always singing (at least in my head!)

This is so true.... I can pretty much find a song lyric for anything!

On Yo Gabba Gabba.... This is my life's truths.... :)

So true - my life is a series of song lyrics

Yep, along with a TV/Movie true!

from a COUNTRY song

Music quote

Best friends best-friends-

Best friend quotes/. This is so true! I am lucky enough to have wonderful women in my life that I can call my best friends! I love all of you. Julie,Kim, Steph L, Effie, and Steph J

This is so true. But sometimes...sometimes those life-changing things get in the way. True friendships work their way through.

This is so true! No matter where life takes us, my best friend and I will always be together and find some way to tell each other of our achievements and let downs <3 also this will be me and u EMILY after or before prom

Remember the first time i seen this and believed it was so true for me and my best friend :(

so true! miss my best friends @allie cripps, stacey bourgeois, em sorg, jules borecki

Best friend quote loved this card from my bff kayla <3

My most favorite quote! Totally me and my best friend

@Jöelle Joyas, you're my best friend forever <3

Best friends bestfriends