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  • Representative Patricia Todd

    A baby leopard and a baby jaguar. love big cats


    A baby leopard and a baby jaguar. AMAZING #pets

  • D B

    Two baby Jaguars (previous pinner stated the black one was a panther, Panther is not a species). These are likely siblings. The one on the right is melaninistic , a characteristic that can be found in both Jaguars and Leopards. The term "black panther" can refer to either species, but is not a single species.

  • Linda Op 't Eijnde

    Baby animals - Baby dieren

  • Marissa Oxman

    A baby leopard and a baby jaguar. Looks almost like a yin yang.

  • Amanda Spencer

    A baby leopard and a baby jaguar. These baby wild cats are great looking living beings..

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