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Three Brown Bears: Sing to the tune of Three Blind Mice.

Twilight Tales Storytime..wonderful storytime goodbye song. Good for mixing it up now and then?

I found this adorable poem online and had to share it! I cannot find the author of the poem. If you know who wrote it, please let me know so I ca...

"Letters Have a Place" rhyme for 1st graders.

This is a FREE page for Mother's Day. We are making Thumb print heart necklaces for Mother's Day and I wanted a little something to go with them. ...

Cute poem for fall, except shouldn't there be only 2 brown leaves drawn on? Oops.

This poem starter is a great way to wrap up learning as well as to write about oneself. I've used it to wrap up Native Americans. Kids take the point of view of a culture region. For example. "I am a person of the Great Plains"

Shared reading poem - Pumpkins, Redo ending: I see Pumpkins orange, green, and white. Just what we need for Pumpkin Day, Alright!

Poem: A poem about spring even though May is considered late spring.- Amanda Johnson