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Spirit guides ....leave a comment of which guide you see for yourself. All in fun! I think mine might be the Horse. Stop by my Shop

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Cool Totem Pole Craft Projects For Kids

Each child acted as one family in the clan, and selected an animal spirit to represent them. In Native American culture, an animal can symbolize a quality or way of life. All clan members reviewed paper sculpture skills and began the creative process of designing their animal.

Spirit Horses of the Heart. Horse is my spirit animal. He claimed me and saved me at an early age. Horse knows your intention. Communicating with Horse is like telepathy. Horse is powerful, loyal, faithful, and warns of danger. Spirit Horse can carry you to all four directions in life and fly to and from Heaven. With the assistance of someone who understands the horse and human psychology, horses are used to heal the human heart and mind.

ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES> fantastic website explaining what lessons we can learn from our guides>those animals that seem to speak to us, or keep appearing for some reason..

Is Raven your Birth Totem? Read the in-depth description in my Native American Zodiac & Astrology series! Learn Raven's personality, compatibility, & more!

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DRAGONFLY Prayer Animal Spirit Wicca Native American Parchment Poster Art

native american spirit my spiritual animals. hawk/phelan.canislupus. shewolf. P = moon. twillight saga. im really into this. i have alot of theese pics nativemade fam without seen me. spiritualawaken for years. theoldworld. natives are pretty sharpspooky.