How to Make Compost: A handy list of household items that can be used to make compost.

DIY worm compost bin

Composting Guide

garden box organization--> I feel like we could TOTALLY do this. and make it the best garden box ever.

Raised bed Herb Garden

Compost Sifter - because compost material decomposes at different rates

Making Compost – What Items to Use

Brew Compost Tea The Easy Way

Make a Kitchen Scrap Mini Compost Bin. trying this in the lower 1/3 of large planters..

How to improve your soil without a compost heap with eggshells, coffee grounds, and banana peels

What can be composted? by diyready: Here is a list of some compostable items you may have around the house #Infographic #Gardening #Compost

Square foot gardening combines a special nutrient rich potting compost blend, companion planting principles and a good deal of planning for which the Garden Planner is ideal. The result is that you can grow very much more produce in the raised beds than is usual. This is a great way to garden if you only have a small area, or a little time to raise a few really fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Mulching keeps your soil cool and moist, and can have a direct influence on yield.

10 Ways to Use Coffee in the Garden-along with free used grounds from Starbucks and vuala! healthy garden and compost!!

Here is how to prepare your garden for planting in just a few minutes. No-till gardening is easy and your plants will love it! #LadyLee'sHome

What to compost

Easy composting -- just invest $6 in a tub and make holesin the lid and bottom and you're good to go. Use food scraps (not rotting meat ;0) eggshells, fruits, veggies, etc.. and use a shovel to turn it over every week or two. For the first deposit remember to soak it in water.


Many people, from gardeners to farmers to environmentalists, choose to compost for a variety of reasons.�Composting is easy, and it has many benefits for the environment and your own backyard. Here's how to start! via @SparkPeople

Compost bins don't have to be unsightly or difficult to build. Try these DIY compost in plans for a structure that looks great while it produces compost for your garden.

Improve soil quality in your garden by applying these composting basics, and learn how to make a compost bin with materials from around the house.