Patio umbrella screen - an insect repellent that you don't have to spray! Keeps mosquitos, flies and wasps away as you eat.

The Camden Gas Firebowl has the look of industrial-design stone and the durability of weather-resistant construction. Its warm, wide, stone-look mantel will make it the focal point of your patio or backyard outdoor living space. A removable panel allows you to access the control panel while cleverly concealing the propane tank beneath.

When your daytime pool party lasts into the night, you can easily swap out your patio umbrella with an outdoor lamp. It has an on/off dimmer switch and comes in a variety of colors to match your decor.

Umbrella Table – Perfect summer party accessory gives your guests poolside shade and a place to sit their drinks.

Good tip for camping

Outdoor food prep station - you won't have to leave your guests to prepare the food.

Love love love

Two-In-One Outdoor Room Blend the rest of your backyard to stage a perfect space for outdoor living. A walk-out patio below the deck offers additional seating in the shade with a dining set and hammock swing. Fabric curtains give the option of creating more privacy or blocking sunlight.

Umbrella Patio Table Screen: simple, clever idea to put on existing patio umbrella to keep bugs out!

Beautiful stone mantle with paneled cabinet to hide TV

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Looks like a party streamer, but it's really a Citronella Pest Repellent.

A little sugar water and one of these beautiful Hammered Glass Traps is all you need to lure yellow jackets and wasps away from you and your food.

Eat corn on the cob without the mess with a corn kernel shucker!

Augusta Gas Fire Bowl is a streamlined, contemporary firebowl for your outdoor living space. Its slate finish and faux stone construction give it the look of an elegant, hand-hewn piece, and the black fire glass completes the modern look. The decorative base cleverly conceals the propane tank beneath.

The Chef Tunes Kitchen Speaker and Roasting Thermometer lets you answer your phone and stream music without leaving your food unattended. It's a must-have for bbq'ing, tailgating or anytime dinner guests are coming over.

Battery Lights - great for when the lights go off - or camping!

The Scrubba Wash Bag is the world's lightest and most compact washing machine that fits in your pocket and requires no electricity.

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