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    Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder. Ingenious! If a sneaky squirrel jumps onto the bird feeder, its weight forces the grid down and prevents access to the food. Sorry squirrel.

    ColorStorm Premium Garden Hose-50'. Made of EPDM rubber so it won't crack, chink, or separate. Sure-Grip technology resists kinking. Coils easily, even in cold weather. Nickel-plated brass fittings are crush-resistant (even if they're run over!)

    3 tier planter

    An Outdoor Garden Sink is ideal for many yard & garden tasks. Perfect for cleaning your garden tools, rinsing freshly picked vegetables, repotting plants, and washing your hands after working in the yard or grill.

    Natural and affordable ways to repel mosquitoes.

    The Eco Master Composter makes it easy to make your own garden composter.

    Enhance the look of your backyard with a large, terra cotta-looking flower pot that doubles as a rain barrel. Plant your favorite plants in the top of the planter and use the brass tap on the bottom to water your flowers.

    This rain barrel kit looks like a beautiful wine barrel and will enhance your backyard décor while capturing water for your plants.

    More attractive than those big, bulky barrels, this uniquely styled Build-Your-Own Rain Barrel Kit can double as a shelf to hold your plants or garden tools. Plus, you get everything you need to build a rain barrel in one easy-to-assemble kit!

    20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas - Plastic Pot Watering System

    Easy DIY Garden Box – step by step photos show you how to build it.

    Auto Plant Watering System

    Wisteria and sweet autumn clematis turns an ordinary white gate into a peaceful entrance.

    To be able to plant this area w/ all the different heights is an amazing talent. Gorgeous.

    UrBin Grower with Veggie Tower - great for a patio or balcony garden. And, it's self watering so you won't over water your vegetables.

    Pre-Seeded Rocket Tomatoes - Plant the biodegradable Tomato mat and water it. That's it!

    Wood Raised Garden Bed - Ideal for patio or balcony gardens. V-shaped design for deep-rooted vegetables.

    Expandable Garden Hose is lightweight, easy to use easy to store. Available in 25ft-100-ft.

    Easy Tips on How to Create Your Ideal Landscape Design Using Decorative Garden Items

    So you know those adorable little garden rocks? Did you know that you can make them yourself? You can and very easily. You just have to gather a few flat rocks. You should be able to find these easily outdoors, particularly if you live near a river, creek or lake. River rocks come in all different sizes so choose a few in different sizes to give your garden a bit of uniqueness.

    Clever way to display many plants in a small space! Loving that little bird cage

    How to Create a Container Garden in the Shade

    How to Make Compost: A handy list of household items that can be used to make compost.

    Flowerocks - Decorative rock planters pre-planted with perennial bulbs. Just pull back the seal, place in a sunny spot, and water! Now that's easy gardening!

    Pull the edging out of the box, bend it around your flowerbed and insert the metal spikes to hold it in place. No digging, no mess – oh, and you just added a new flowerbed border in minutes!