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  • Kathleen Adams

    Robot Necklace Steampunk Brass Popular Tiny Vintage Watch Movement Jewelry Antique Rustic Finish..........From CosmicFirefly - How does it happen that I have no robot jewelry?

  • Meaghen Porte

    Robot Necklace Steampunk Tiny Vintage Watch by CosmicFirefly

  • Elisabeth Ursell

    Steampunk Robot Necklace Steampunk Necklace Tiny Vintage Watch Movement Steampunk Jewelry Antiqued Brass Rustic Finish

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Fun clock Reminds me of the Exhibition at Shelburne Museum this season called "Time Machines: Robots, Rockets and Steam Punk." Very cool.

Pañuelos Familia® Chic Metallic. Un Toque Chic que le dará brillo a cualquier lugar.

I think a robot project with my son is in order! A trip to the thrift store and an afternoon of craftiness!

Pañuelos Familia® Chic Metallic. Un toque Chic que le dará brillo a cualquier lugar.

Chandler the Robot necklace ... i want! $25

Did I request thee, Maker from my clay To mould Me man? Did I solicit thee From darkness to promote me? Not quiet but PRINCE ALBERTSTEIN is a

Steampunk Necklace Cosmic Crocodile - Vintage non-working Swiss watch movement is over 50 years old and no longer functions. The movement even has a little pattern on its surface that looks like scales and match the crocodile's skin. #Jewelry

This was the robot that was used as inspiration for my robot tattoo! This little guy is sooo cute!