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A Paintbrush That Works On The iPad

A Paintbrush That Works On The iPad

Artist Hardware is raising funds for Sensu Brush: A True Painting Experience on Your iPad on Kickstarter! Sensu Brush delivers an authentic painting experience on your iPad. It's truly portable and includes a useful rubber stylus tip.

Pulseira da Onda

Turn a Sound Wave into Jewelry - The Sound Advice Project makes it easier you to give a message. Each bracelet is custom made and the arrangement of the beads represents a sound wave you record.

Do want. Skeleton Key USB Drives

how lovely and elegant! White key usb drive i want these!


Toaster + iPhone Charger: iPhones pop up when fully charged, i want this to be a thing!

One of the best things I ever did was to get this SquareUP gadget for shows.  No ipone, no biggie.... works with most Android phones as well.  Love me, my square up!

Square Payment is a small device that inserts into your phone and allows you, with the aid of an app to process credit card payment right from your phone. I have been using it all summer and it works wonderfully. * work w/pay as you go phone?

Never ending bubble wrap popper. You know you want one! (via travel.cnn.com)

BUBBLE WRAP DESIGN KEY CHAIN~ Never-ending bubble wrap popper. Might be a good sensory tool for kids with autism or ADHD. -I don't care who they were invented for, ever person needs this!

iPhone Photo Printer: Great Invention....Definately need one!!

iPhone Photo Cube Printer for the person on your Christmas list who likes hard copies of photos!

digital animation for the iPad...from Peter H. Reynolds of The Dot and Ish fame.

Animation-ish: Digital animation for the iPad.from Peter H. Reynolds of The Dot and Ish fame.

Almighty Board Digital Kitchen Assistant

The Almighty Board is the ultimate kitchen assistant. Cutting board, display your recipes, directions, weigh your ingredients. After you wash it, it will even tell you if it has been cleaned enough to avoid cross-contamination or food poisoning.

The beaver pencil sharpener will guarantee you're always equipped with the pointiest writing utensils in the the entire room. With their love for chomping on...

Beaver Pencil Sharpener

"The humorous Kastor beaver-shaped pencil sharpener ravenously ingests pencils and doubles as a paper weight. The chrome-plated sharpener was created by Columbian designer Rodrigo Torres for Italian houseware company Alessi." It's sad I want this

Desenhar com o prazer do lápis no IPAD.

The Prettiest iPad Drawing App Now Has The Prettiest Stylus Companion Tu tienda de informatica online

Ya no más subrayados que parezcan hechos por un borracho.

Pencil wheel for straight lines with small screen for measurements and distance, because ruler is too mainstream

BiKN helps you find your phone, keys and vice versa.

Location, Location

So clever! Your phone finds your lost keys and your keys find your lost phone. So clever! Your phone finds your lost keys and your keys find your lost phone.

iPhone photo printer, $99

VuPoint Photo Cube Portable Photo Printer and Docking Station by VuPoint Solutions

bathtub stones that keep the water warm. Yes please!

Bathroom tub stones that keep the water warm - so smart! I love having long baths but I hate having to refill the tub to stay warm.