I totally remember doing this!!Especially since my last name started with an 'S'

I loved this.


Yes, yes they were!!

uh ya!

Yup...done did it. Golly.

Did you do this? I did!!

Paper fortune teller game.

just bought a big multi color pen for my niece , used to love mine as a kid!!

omfg it is the most freaking scary thing in the world! for those of you who don't know, you have to put all the pieces together before the timer runs out and all the pieces get shot out at your face!!!!!!

gym class

Still do.....!

I did this a time or two...

OMG so true

a palindrome...


Every time...

Childhood Memories-my other was so cool about us building forts. then we would fill all of her pans with water but them by our forts and be horsies and gallop for hours. I can still see her smiling at us.

Every time.

admit it. you totally did this.