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    I totally remember doing this!!Especially since my last name started with an 'S'

    3y Saved to Ha ha ha ha!!!


    • Isabella Neal

      Omg in elementary school people drew this all the time! But not me cause I have never known how to draw that and anyways I'm like really bad at drawing! Sooo...

    • shimmer2001km

      Elementary school and all through high school. Hell, I still doodle them now and then. But mine are way straighter.

    • Catherine Thompson

      how about all over my middle school, high school, and college notebooks too?

    • Chelsea Mitchell

      Except it was more towards the end of middle school through high school

    • Bethany Trapp

      Middle and High School, not really a elementary school thing for me

    • Tawny Contreras

      I think it was more like middle school/ high school for me though

    • Megan McGee

      remember this? so true.

    • Tiney

      Childhood memories

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    This is so true, I remember playing this in daycare and having near-heart attacks when the timer went off...

    I loved this.

    gym class

    Paper fortune teller game.

    Did it!! :)


    uh ya!

    So true! We all knew it was going to be a movie day! Hahaha



    90's life.

    "Sun In" was the best - I had the best crusty blonde locks thanks to that stuff

    I almost forgot about M A S H

    this should be a poster they hang up in hallways at schools so all the kids that THINK they're awesome, realize that they're only peaking in high school or even middle school lol

    Kids of the 80s and 90s...I remember doing this while listening to 93Q

    YES YES YES. All the time. Thought I was a genius.

    It's like someone documented my middle school life. - 50 Signs That You Grew Up In The 90's

    Every time.