These wise words exemplify the attitude that our nurses have, especially with our clients. No matter what the disability or Health matter us, there is nothing that is too difficult for us. Spread kindness and love! #Kindness #Quotes #Words #Wisdom #AAA #TLC #LA #Senior #AssistedLiving

.. This is my favorite quote. I am not a hypocrite. We all say ugly things, myself included. But that's why I love this quote so much. Because it reminds me to worry more about my soul & mind more than my outer appearance. Every woman wants to be beautiful. But these words ground me. Make sure your mind is beautiful. Make sure your words and even thoughts that only you know are always kind. That is true beauty. I am not perfect but i strive to be this kind of woman.

20 Of Our Favorite Beauty Quotes To Remember | Beauty High

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Winston Churchill quote . . . I've been okay with knowing not everybody likes me ever since I came to the realisation that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. By confirming this in others it confirms and validates that my own opinions are equally valid . . . and I don't permit others to run rough-shod over me. WOW. Need to remember this!!

true greatness


Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible. | Mother Teresa Picture Quotes | Quoteswave

Live by the words of Winnie the Pooh


If a train doesn't stop at your station then its not your train


So very true!

a simple hello could lead to a million things

Gratitude & kindness

God is Good, all the time... {Perfectly Imperfect} #happiness

so true. hard lesson

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