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Vintage 1960s BOB HOPE Christmas Tree Icicles Tinsel Mint MIB

my grandpa used to put so many of these on the tree you couldn't tell it was green. And he would put the tree away with it all still on so he could use it next year!

Sprinkling the clothes with water in the days before steam irons using a soda bottle and an aluminum/cork sprinkler. My grandmother used one of these.

spray snow This stuff was always on the windows of Luverne Elementary School back in the '60s and '70s. The bottles of spray came with stencils you sprayed the fake snow through. Christmas Tree, Showman, Christmas Wreath, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year are some I remember. MJ

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TV Dinners: The Golden Years

TV dinners in aluminum trays...I didn't get these often,

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Aluminum Measuring Spoons Kitchen Vintage

Vintage Aluminum Measuring Spoons...i still have mom's

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Vintage TV Time Popcorn Plastic Pencil Box

plastic pencil box with sharpener and sliding multiplier/divider THIS WAS A MUST FOR BACK TO SCHOOL AND LET ME SAY WE HAD NO FREEBES YOUR PARENTS PROVIDED FOR YOU NOT ALL THIS CRAP TODAY'''''''''''''' E HAMM