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The moment 100 skydivers came together mid-air to form a 747-sized diamond | Onlineweblibrary BLOG

'Got Places To Go and People To see' Striking formation of 100 parachute canopy

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Wingsuit Base Jumping I'd LOVE to do this!!!-----Said the original pinner. RHM

BASE jumping - Wingsuit Base Jumping, Norway i'll be shaking of fright if i try this but this simple looks amazing.

Life is all about perspective. This just happens to be 15,000 feet in the air - 15 000 pieds d'altitude !

This just happens to be feet in the air - 15 000 pieds d'altitude !

Winging it: Scott Mason, now piloting, flys with Jeckle the Harris Hawk in Berga, Spain, in the new extreme sport he invented http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1355220/Paragliding-HAWKS-Breathtaking-new-extreme-sport.html

Claw blimey! Breathtaking new extreme sport takes paragliding to new heights...gliding next to HAWKS

Daredevil Scott Mason, pioneered the astonishing extreme sport by paragliding next to birds of prey in streams of thermal air then inviting them to land on his arm.

this is so cool.  skydivers

Funny pictures about Diamond skydiving. Oh, and cool pics about Diamond skydiving. Also, Diamond skydiving photos.

Skydive Balloon by Rick Neves  #paracaidismo #skydiving

Skydive Balloon by Rick Neves Orange is the color representative of excitement and fun, and this certainly qualifies as an orange activity.

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awakyn: “ Going up Other adventure races favour only the fittest, allowing the hardest working athletes a distinct advantage but Red Bull X-Alps offers the unique dimension of tactical strategy.