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Wingsuit BASE jumping with Dallas BASE Crew (DBC): Eugene Edwards, Luke Hively, Charity Kelly & Brad Perkins. Proximity flying / terrain flying: The Crack & .

Wingsuit = balls of steel

Fly a wing suit! It's a terrifyingly dangerous activity, and it's very likely to die, but it also looks like an adrenaline pumping, incredibly fun thing to do.

Going down. #redbull #parachutisme | Photo: © Dimitrios Kontizas/Red Bull Illume with Pin-It-Button on http://www.redbull.com/en/stories/1331602092987/red-bull-illume-image-quest-stunning-pics-part-1

Red Bull Illume Image Quest: Stunning pics part 1

BASE jumping over a beach & pristine blue waters in Greece.

Yosemite Climbing by Lynsey Dyer (by NatGeo*) Um, not for me but spectacular to see!

Leaping from Half Dome is illegal, but in Yosemite the sport of BASE jumping is soaring in popularity anyway. Climbers say it’s faster (and more fun) to parachute into the valley than to hike all the way down the back of the mountain.

☆ Base Jump ☆  Seeing a picture of someone doing this is exhilarating enough and I'm inspired to add a Pinterest board called "Things I will never do!"

☆ Base Jump ☆ Seeing a picture of someone doing this is exhilarating.maybe when I don't mind taking the greater risk of death.

base jumping: i wanna try this so bad.... what an adrenaline rush!!!

Squirrel Suit skydiving - lets you glide longer distances. Ever see the video of the guy gliding feet off a mountain ridge? Maybe I'll try parachuting first then work up to this .

Jumping from new heights: http://win.gs/142W8Nq #everest #redbull

Valery Rozov BASE Jumps From Mt Everest