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Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Sabah, Borneo. Love this tree "hugging" another tree!

magical forest... #forest #travel #destination #places #nature #spots #getaway #beauty #lake

15 Amazing Photos You’ll Never Forget This one looks like there are Fairies up above showing the way to the top!

"It was a dark and clouded night where neither star nor moon would shine. Yet standing in a pool of light like Saturn with its rings a lonesome figure gleamed, so tall and wild and evergreen with roots that reached out for the sea like dancers in the wind. Oh hi, love...So content to sit and wait. So dedicated to your fate. To never move. To never chase. You just stand up there and watch...Your ties run deep and it’s not for me to cut you free." ~ 'The Sighting' (A Fine Frenzy)