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    Regulating the YELLING in class with an iPad app



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    ...too loud app that records decibels in the classroom. You can hook up your device to the ActivBoard and project noise levels in the classroom - free

    Tonya's Treats for Teachers: Decide Now App~a Bright Ideas for your classroom personal spinner for the classroom.

    Set up classroom transitions to music that happen automatically on your computer. Keeps you on time while also providing fun transitions for students! What a good way to stay on schedule!!!

    12 iPad Apps You Should Consistently Use in Your Class Next Year

    Too Noisy app for classroom management. Wish I had a smart board!

    a fun way to get your kids to stop chatting.... check out the link for a cute video and little tricks on how to use it for classroom management!

    Great app for keeping track of books in your classroom library!

    "But I wasn't talking!" "Oh yes, yes, you were." Teacher's Definition of "TALKING (verb): Your mouth is moving and there is any kind of sound coming out. This includes talking to yourself, talking to somebody else, whispering, singing, or sound effects." YES.

    A great post with a huge list of core teacher apps and core student apps!

    A bunch of fun timers for the classroom...these are hilarious!

    THANK YOU. Middle school and even high school appropriate classroom management ideas that are practical, useful, and boost economy of effort for teachers and students. Oh, joy, finally a resource that calls my name! So many excellent ideas for a professional, mature yet functioning, fun, and learning-filled classroom!

    Using QR codes in the Classroom - 10 Ways to Make Fun Use of this cool technology.

    NOISE system to control noise levels in your classroom

    Use an app like Noise Down, which will automatically sound an alarm when the decibel level gets too high.

    GoNoodle classroom brain breaks.

    Breaking Words Apart into Syllables using the app Popplet

    3 pages of classroom bin labels

    More ways to use your iPad in class

    A Noise Level Meter built to help control the noise level of groups of children. As the noise level in a classroom increases beyond an acceptable level the noise level meter dynamically indicates the level of noise, and the background graphics within the app change to reflect the noise levels. Free!