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    Porcelain hands are a fresh alternative to the wood hands we've been seeing in the last few years.

    BeadSmith Bracelet Bending Pliers - Gently Curve Bracelets And Components

    Eurotool Two Hole Metal Punch Tool - Makes 1.6mm/2.3mm Holes

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    The Mohs Scale of mineral hardness. This scale tests hardness through scratching a mineral with another mineral to determine which one is harder. A harder substance will scratch a softer one, but not the other way around. The higher the number the harder the material. This is a ordinal scale, so a substance of 9.0 hardness is twice as hard as 8.0, a diamond at 10.0 is four times harder than 8.0.This scale is very helpful in determining how much abuse a gem can take.

    It burns hotter and gets to a higher temperature faster. Recommended for all nylon thread, silks and Chinese Knotting Cord. Much better than the older one battery burners.

    Beeswax has several advantages over the Fray Check method. The beeswax does not require waiting for drying time. Fray Check tends to thicken the cord, whereas the beeswax self needle with a little practice gets the cord into a fine point that can get through finer beads than any of the other methods described above.

    3M Anti-Tarnish Paper Tabs 1x1 Inch Square (20 Tabs)


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    Fold over Clasps aka fold over magnetic clasps

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    Nylon jaw pliers, great for working with wire without leaving nicks and marks, and also for straightening wire before use

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