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The Temptation to Stuff the Student - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gave this caution about lesson preparation and presentation: “In discussing preparation, may I also encourage you to avoid a temptation that faces almost every teacher . . . That is the temptation to cover too much material, the temptation to stuff more into the hour—or more into the students—than they can possibly hold!”

No more awkward silences: 8 tips to get your class to participate in meaningful gospel discussions #LDS #Mormon #LessonHelps

Famed LDS author and speaker John Bytheway shares the secrets to his teaching style. Learn how he does what he does--and start teaching like Brother Bytheway yourself.

Women in the Scriptures Jeopardy! This is really a fun presentation and is perfect for introducing a group to the known (and little known) women of the scriptures. It includes women from the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price.

A worksheet to help your students learn how to apply the SCRIPTURE MASTERY scriptures to situations in life. These help from the context of a missionary helping an investigator.

"Fasting in the proper spirit and in the Lord's way will energize us spiritually, strengthen our self-discipline, fill our homes with peace, lighten our hearts with joy, fortify us against temptation, prepare us for times of adversity, and open the windows of heaven. Joseph B. Wirthlin

"Don’t try to dazzle everyone with how brilliant you are–dazzle them with how brilliant the gospel is. Don’t worry about the location of the lost tribes or the three nephites; worry a little more about the location of your student–what’s going on in his heart, what’s going on in her soul–the hunger."

Pinner said: I'm a piano teacher and I needed to simplify some LDS Primary songs that my students wanted to I thought I'd share. Get free arrangements here. ldspianomusic.blo...

These Sweet women make printable for the visiting teaching message for the month! So great and helpful to leave something with your sister after visiting with them

Mormon Sharefrom Mormon Share

{ Mormon Share } Stand Ye in Holy Places

Great Object Lesson on Standing in Holy Places. Easy to prepare.

Step-by-step guide makes gospel lesson planning easy! Includes lesson handouts, object lessons, teaching techniques, and much more.