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Releasing of the Doves - this would be such a cute wedding idea. Let each family release a dove, which joins with each other as a symbol of the couple starting their own life together.

By the time Quinoa completed the set design and costumes, she realized Caprese's choreography was completely unnecessary. Chevron and Bioré agreed. #MIWDTD

When Quinoa visits her cousin Harrington, they sit out by the sea with his pet rooster and play the piccolo. #MIWDTD

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Quinoa and her friends Shandy and Amirite are working on a screenplay titled "Anthro" about three young friends and their uproarious journey from boho chic to haute couture. #MIWDTD

Quinoa and her BFF Chevron like to drive in vintage cars out to the desert, park them, and take a bunch of pictures looking pissed off.

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We Need to Talk About Quinoa, Pinterest's Imaginary Well-Dressed Hipster Kid

I want my future children to be little fashionistas and if one of my children has half of the sass that this little girl does then that would be perf.

Quinoa enjoyed her play date with Hashtag until he threw his hands in the air, pretended to have forgotten his wallet, and asked her for a twenty. Again. #MIWDTD

Quinoa always keeps a spare "urban outfit" in my purse in the event we're going to be around a lot of chain link fencing.