Know what really gets Quinoa down in the dumps? Pleather.

Beautiful little girl. Very similar features to Olive. But shell never be that tanned :-p

Little Mind... Big Thoughts by Zach Pezzillo

So adorable..

This green-eyed girl and I must be kindred spirits... This is my favorite wacky facial expression, too! -- What a sweet little girl. This awakens paternal instincts.

Chocolate cake face plant. Just how I feel right now. Bizarrely, with "Bridge over troubled waters" playing in the background of a Chinese restaurant!

What a beautiful little girl!

Cutie Pie

The little girl folded her arms and looked away. She didn't want to listen, but she needed to. There was no way for me to tell her that her parents had died, because she already knew.

This little girl is a tomboy; not wearing a dress or bows and ribbons. This is what I would want my lil girl 2 look like.

Cute little girl




Unique baby names. Good idea to have a big jacket for a kid with beautiful eyes to isolate them.


adorable little girl. I love her eyes.


Oh my...adorable!

sweet child

So beautiful and sweet!