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    In what could only be described as an existential crisis, Quinoa had some tough, pointed questions about what happens to clothes after they go out of style. #MIWDTD

    For a short time, Quinoa and her BFF Chevron were involved in a non-violent but aggressively fashion-forward gang called the Ginghams. #MIWDTD

    Quinoa isn't afraid to drop to the floor in the middle of a miniature hat party to give an accurate insurance appraisal of your antique Persian rug. #MIWDTD

    Massimo Dutti España


    One thing about Quinoa's friend Günter and his ill-fitting Burberry sweaters, he knows where he is going in life. Quinoa respects that. #MIWDTD

    Quinoa and her friend Harvard Law are co-founders of their preschool's first Wool Aficionados Club. #MIWDTD

    Love this style.

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    Massimo Dutti España

    The Glitter Side: Stylish Kids :: Pepitobychus SS13

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    Quinoa's friend Barley lives by the Preppy Skater Scout Code: he will gladly give you the shirt off his back. Or the other shirt off his back. Or the shirt off his waist. #MIWDTD

    Stylish Kid

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    i mean really??? love it !!such a stylish kid! oh to have a daughter ...too cute

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