In what could only be described as an existential crisis, Quinoa had some tough, pointed questions about what happens to clothes after they go out of style. #MIWDTD

Quinoa couldn't help but notice that of all the kittens, Chevron chose the one least complimentary to her outfit. #MIWDTD

Little girl - sætter børn i fokus. Følg med på Facebook, instagram, pinterest og vores blog, kreatip.

Equipped with only a pair of dull scissors, some crazy glue, and two My Little Pony toys, Quinoa surprised her friend Washi with the ambush makeover of a lifetime. #MIWDTD

love the pop of red and the cute detail on the sweater

Recently Quinoa hosted a fashion retreat in the desert. Her favorite part was the Casual Depression Rock Posing Workshop with Yolo. #MIWDTD

Quinoa will never forget when her friend Pabst learned that Portland was an actual place and not a metaphor for heaven. #MIWDTD

Beautiful little girl. Love the outfit & the hair. Her eyes are gorgeous. She is quite the little model.

Art Symphony: Stylish Kids II

Fashion Tuesday: little princess in red and white #fashionboy kids lifestyle #littleboy fashion kids #kidsfashion Find more inspirations at

Quinoa enjoyed her play date with Hashtag until he threw his hands in the air, pretended to have forgotten his wallet, and asked her for a twenty. Again. #MIWDTD

Sweater Cardigan | Toddler Girl Tops-- so cute! Carter's always knows how to get this mommy's money

What a cool dude. -love this look for Elliot

Sometimes January 2nd is tough for Quinoa because she's already accomplished all of her New Year's goals. #MIWDTD #HowToQuinoa

Love the layering but be careful with puffy vests - They can get too puffy

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Massimo Dutti

my kids are gunna be stylish kids like this, they aren't gunna be wearing any of the ugly clothes I wore when I was a baby


Quinoa and her BFF Chevron prepared a class presentation on The Captain and Tennille for Famous Person's Day.