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    Aboard their private yacht and having the most fun ever, Team Quinoa would like to wish everybody but Chevron a Happy Thanksgiving. #MIWDTD

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    Burberry kids #kids #fashion

    Quinoa had so much fun at Take Your Designer to School Day, but did mention that Ralph was a little clingy. #MIWDTD

    The answer is no. Quinoa has no idea what happened to your vintage teddy bears. #MIWDTD

    Know what really concerns Quinoa? Spandex. #MIWDTD

    Quinoa had only two words for Chevron's dress and tights combination: "Um, no." #MIWDTD

    #tocotovintage #fw15

    Billieblush Geometric Glitter Print Poplin Skirt in Craie We❤️it! Dimity kidsfashion

    Love these colors, esp with his (her?) hair. #designer #kids #fashion

    Quinoa would like to have a talk with you about something very important and near to her heart: bangs. #MIWDTD

    burberry #kids #fashion

    Bothered by their conformity and overall desperation for a win, the first thing Quinoa did after buying her friend Burrata's baseball team was redesign the uniforms and change their name to the Whatevs. #MIWDTD


    Quinoa will never forget when her friend Pabst learned that Portland was an actual place and not a metaphor for heaven. #MIWDTD

    While it's too soon to say where it will lead or what it means, Quinoa did accept Boursin's invitation to go get ombre lowlights and kale smoothies together. #MIWDTD #HOWTOQUINOA

    Sometimes Quinoa and her friend Haricot get together for long talks in iambic pentameter. #MIWDTD