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    There was only one way to settle this. Just Quinoa, Au Jus, and Ver Jus, in the school yard, with pastel blazers and gauzy scarves, for an old-fashioned round of Who Wore It Best. #MIWDTD

    Kids Fashion

    Quinoa says all caps isn't so much a font treatment as it is a mindset. #MIWDTD #HOWTOQUINOA #BUYTHEBOOK

    Quinoa and her friends Shandy and Amirite are working on a screenplay titled "Anthro" about three young friends and their uproarious journey from boho chic to haute couture. #MIWDTD

    Recently Quinoa hosted a fashion retreat in the desert. Her favorite part was the Casual Rock Posing Workshop with Yolo. #MIWDTD

    It was when Quinoa demanded a miniature deer at her Pre-K portrait session that I truly began to understand her gift. #MIWDTD

    And now Quinoa will reveal this season's hot new facial expression: the semi-sneer. #MIWDTD

    According to Quinoa, her friend Adderall is the complete package: great hair, great clothes and an extensive ladder collection. #MIWDTD

    Quinoa recently hosted her friend Emoji's performance art installation titled, "Child In Armani Suit Eats Sprinkle Donut." #MIWDTD

    Know what Quinoa finds shocking? The popularity of Comic Sans font. #MIWDTD

    After a special request from the White House, Quinoa is headed to Washington with a suitcase full of whoopass. #MIWDTD

    YES! While playing "photo shoot" at the beach, it became clear to Quinoa and Chevron that Pantone wasn't going to give it her all. #MIWDTD

    First Quinoa found Waldo, then she gave him an updated look and legally changed his name to Brioche. #MIWDTD

    For a short time, Quinoa and her BFF Chevron were involved in a non-violent but aggressively fashion-forward gang called the Ginghams. #MIWDTD

    Every time I find Quinoa in my closet, she gives me a disapproving lecture about relying too much on navy blue. #MIWDTD

    After a traumatic encounter with animal halitosis, Quinoa's friend Hewn has dedicated his life to teaching various wildlife how to gargle mouthwash. #MIWDTD #HOWTOQUINOA

    Quinoa's Gatsby-themed birthday party was a hit. Everybody loved the part when she ran over little Marimba with her tricycle. #MIWDTD

    Quinoa always says two strands down the middle says haphazard, four says blatant, but three says deliberately indifferent. #MIWDTD

    After hearing about her friend Braxton-Hick's ankle sprain, Quinoa surprised him with a pair of industrial modern chair crutches. #MIWDTD

    On Eighties Awareness Day at school, Quinoa was especially protective of her friend Fennel's Wham-inspired pompadour. #MIWDTD

    Quinoa seemed fine during her history lesson on the Great Mullet Epidemic of the late 80s, but was found later in the fetal position. #MIWDTD