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There was only one way to settle this. Just Quinoa, Au Jus, and Ver Jus, in the school yard, with pastel blazers and gauzy scarves, for an old-fashioned round of Who Wore It Best. #MIWDTD

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19 Kids Who Probably Dress Better Than You | Bored Panda. these little boys are so cute! definitely dressing my future kids up :)

Chic looks, yet comfortable and practical for children. I love each one of these looks. #Fashion #children #littlegirls #childrenswear

And when they both suggested strawberry-black pepper macarons at the same time, Quinoa knew Boursin was more than just another boy at the Periwinkle Festival. #MIWDTD

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These twins are so adorable. Love their natural hair colour too

For her melodramatic acting class, Quinoa came up with a series of breathtaking chalk outline poses. #MIWDTD

Amidst rumors of human cloning, Quinoa insists that Meme is a distant cousin. From a small Mennonite community. In the Maldives. #MIWDTD

Sometimes Quinoa is too cool for school, so she doesn't go. Wouldn't be fair to the other kids.

Sriracha pouted when Quinoa refused to explain why the adults kept referring to the wedding colors as "fifty shades of gray." #MIWDTD