Almourol’s Castle, Portugal photo via thenoc

Marvao castle gardens, Portugal

The seat of the Knights Templar in #Portugal

LEEDS CASTLE, Kent. Aerial view. First built in 1119, the castle became a royal palace for Edward I and Eleanor of Castile in 1278, who added the successive gatehouse defences of the barbican. It was later transformed by Henry VIII for Catherine of Aragon. The castle is now managed by the Leeds Castle Foundation.

Viana do Castelo, Portugal


Castle Sinclair & Girnigoe. Castle Girnigoe built by the Clan Sinclair ...Scotland, U.K.


Praia Piquinia 02/08/07 15h16

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland


Medieval Love : Photo

Windsor Castle, England

Medieval Castle, Cashel, Ireland

Lichtenstein Castle - Baden-Württemberg, Germany


The Castle of Almourol , Portugal

Medieval, Eltz Castle, Germany

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~Medieval, Alnwick Castle, England~