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Matao Jazz Bass

Fender Japan Aerodyne Jazz Bass AJB Cool Old Candy Apple Red finish

new Ruokangas Guitars Steambass 5string Basses

Bass Guitar

Gretsch Bass

Gibson custom Jazz Moderne 2000

In early 1958 Fender made the earliest version of their top of the line guitar, the Fender Jazzmaster with a maple neck and fingerboard, anodized pickguard and black pickup covers.

Gretsch White Falcon Bass

Hofner Violin HCT German Built Diamond Jubilee Bass (via Bass Direct)

The Framus Wyman Bass

HOFNER Berlin Club Bass Royal Blue

Duesenberg Violin Bass Black

Les Claypool Bass Guitars

Hagström HB-8 Bass

Epiphone Les Paul Bass Guitar

Alembic Stanley Clarke Signature "Inside Out" .... via Bass Central

Xylem Bass, this fretless model allows full creativity of slides, bends, slide harmonics,etc... Defenitely on the shopping list


B.B. King | Gibson B.B. King 80th Birthday Lucille (Prototype 1).