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Hamnøy, small fishing villiage, Lofoten, Norway. Astrogeographic position: located right next to a line of a cardinal divide in the first degree of the emotional water sign Cancer the sign of the natural habitat of crabs. The 2nd coordinate is in the dynamic fire sign Sagittarius the sign of hunting which may refer to the place as a basis for small fishing boats. Valid for field level 2 which describes how the village is embedded in the region.

"Last-Light".. Reine, Norway - photo: Christian Bothner on 500px

Norway... My dearest cousin Nathan was just called to serve his mission for the Lord in this beautiful country. I love you, Nate the Great, good luck on your adventure :)

I would be whimpering, laying on my stomach clinging to this thing with urine running down both sides. No way, no how, no thank you!!

Hamnøy, Lofoten, Norway...✈...

Trolltunga is another spectacular example of the geological oddities that dot the Norwegian landscape. The fittingly named 'Troll's Tongue' sticks out of a vertical mountain side above a 350m drop. It offers a magnificent view of Skjeggedal near town of Odda.The location is far less know than some other spectacular geological oddities in Norway, and therefore, much less crowded, however still quite accessible. You can take a funicular up part of the way, though it isn't always functioning. It is roughly a 3-4 hour hike to the 'trolls tongue'.

Hamnøy, Norway | Francesco Gentili